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Halla Mdrid! foil variant

$30.00 / On Sale

Halla Madrid! foil variant is a four color 9x24, screen print on Silver Foil paper with a run size of only 25.
(there was an error in the printing process so I've put the foil variant on sale for $30 which is just barely over my cost. the error is nothing major, just not what I had planned, intended, and promoted. I had planned on the foil only showing through on the brightest parts of the stadiums, the stripes ont he shirts, and the background. the error was that the foil ended up showing through on the brightest parts of the players shirts, their skin, and the border. it still looks nice, it's just not subtle as I had wanted it to be.)
what it means to be a foil print is the piece is printed on foil paper that has a shiny almost mirror like finish to it.
All prints are hand drawn printed, numbered, and signed.
these are limited edition. they print one time and one time only. there will never be a reprint or resupply of inventory. once they sell out, that's it, they're gone.
the piece features the Santiago Bernabeau, Guti, Benzema, Ronaldo, Marcello, Buitre, Casillas, Rodriguez, Kroos, Pepe, Modric, Bale, Zidane, Ramos, Raul, and ronaldo up top.